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Issue #1
We are introduced to the characters that are about to be part of our lives for the next coming monthly issues. Follow the journey of the various “young hustla’s” as they pave the way for what is to become the world’s first entrepreneurship comic book.

Tshepisang (24 years)

Tshepisang is an intelligent architecture student living with his grandmother and younger brother Khumo in Soweto, Protea Glen. After his parents passed away, things went from bad to worse. Each month is a constant struggle for survival for them.

Character traits: Intelligent, determined, a big dreamer, sociable, caring and overprotective.


Zoleka (26 years)

Pushed by her mother, she was lead into studying nursing, however always dreamt of having her own fashion line, so she spends most of her free time sewing, tailoring and doing beadwork.

Character traits: artistic, charismatic, creative and kind.


Khumo(18 years)

Younger brother to Tshepisang, both live with their grandmother in Soweto, Protea Glen. He dreams of becoming a DJ and is frustrated by Tshepisang’s lack of support.

Character traits: reckless, impulsive, stubborn, go getter, selfish, always looking for shortcuts


Simeon (28 years)

Coming from a wealthy family, Simeon enjoyed all privileges of a rich life, which in turn made him spoilt and lazy. His dream is to one day own a film studio.

Character traits: convincing, passionate, proud, strong-willed.



We are at War

Ladies and gentleman, we are at war and our enemies are poverty, youth unemployment, corruption, and inequitable income distribution. As things stand we are losing this fight and this is evident from records of high youth unemployment, high levels of poverty, corruption and inequitable income distribution etc.

Every war needs a face, for the freedom of South Africa it was Nelson Mandela, someone that would inspire the people both young and old to fight, someone that the people can identify with, someone who is a symbol of hope when all hope is lost.



Un -
employed youth

According to Stats SA Labour market dynamics 2014 report, the working age youth population in South Africa is about 19.5 million of which 6 million is employed and 3.4 million unemployed. Fact Sheet

Things can only get worse

What if this hero, wasn’t actually human, what if it was a comic book character such as Captain America who inspired the people of America to defend their country during world war two or was like Superman who fought for injustice, who fought for the weak or like Captain Planet who fought to save the planet.

Our leaders are failing us and we need to look elsewhere for inspiration, Tshepisang (is a Sesotho word, when translated in English it means (‘’promise’’), this could be that hero that our youth needs, through entrepreneurship and “Young Hustla” being our choice of weapon we can fight this war and could potential conquer.


ratio of workers

to entrep-

9 out of 10 young people aged 15-34 years who lived in households with no one employed are Black African. From this population, 58,9% did not complete secondary school and 65% are economically inactive. Fact Sheet

A collector’s item, a piece of history

It was created with you the youth of our country and those who are young at heart, in mind. Without you they would be no Young Hustla. Young Hustla is an extension of you, the individual who comes from nothing and makes something of themselves, you the game changers, the misfits, the guys who are not waiting for handouts but are making things happen.

As you read a copy we hope that you continue to support the cause by continuously giving us feedback, by continuously encouraging friends, family, colleagues to buy a copy or copies remember this is not a comic book it’s a Collector’s item, a Piece of history that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Special thanks to our contributors

Comic background

This is a comic about an ordinary kid, who comes from the dusty streets of Soweto and decides enough is enough, complaining will not solve anything... this is a story about a kid who has big dreams just like all of us but the difference is that he decides to chase them instead of blaming society, his current situation or his bad misfortune.

What we hope to achieve through this comic is educate young people about entrepreneurship, the hardships, the sacrifices, the joy and moments of triumph enveloped in the life of an entrepreneur and also to inspire young people to follow their dreams.

We will be having workshops, boot camps and Saturday classes where we will go to high schools, varsities, colleges, townships etc. With experienced personal so as to inspire, teach young people and their communities on entrepreneurship.


readers by 2016

Through this we hope to empower both young and old, with the tools to start and grow their existing business that will enrich their communities Fact Sheet

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